“Favorite Things” Giveaway

It’s almost Mother’s Day and you know what that means…either you need to be getting that mama of yours something nice or you need to make a wish list for the kids, stat.
I’m excited to help you out in that area. Some friends and I thought up some of our favorite gifts that we would like to receive and we are going to give those things away to you! 
I am an avid Amazon shopper and I buy 90% of all my gifts on there. Plus, everything is cheaper on Amazon {most of the time} and I don’t even have to get off my butt to go get it! Talk about a win/win. {Plus, my friend Ashton is giving away a Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor, so if you don’t win hers, you can use this gift card to buy one for yourself! I got mine for Easter and I love it!}

Use the Rafflecopter below to enter and be sure to stop by everyone else’s blog to see what they’re giving away! For your convenience, I’ve included a link below to all of their posts. You’re welcome.


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    My mom just loves to be around me. Now that I live away from home whenever she comes to see me, or even just talk on FaceTime she gets so happy. She truly enjoys being a mom even after all of these years and would always put us first.

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    My mom is really the best at being concerned – she is always asking questions and trying to stay connected to what needs we all have.

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    She is always there whenever I need her day or night. She is always on my side. She has a sweet, tender heart and she loves me more than anything or anyone on earth.

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    The best thing about my mom is that now that I’m an adult, she’s my best friend. Actually, she was pretty much my best friend in high school as well, but even more so now. I love sharing my life with her and seeing her excitement about what’s to come!

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    My favorite thing about my mom is that she is always there for me no matter what. She has 6 children and she loves each of us equally, she would do anything for us. Thats why she is the best mom in the world. I love my mom.

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    My mom is very creative and allowed my sisters and I to be whomever we wanted to be and do pretty much whatever we wanted to do. Rarely was something out of the question and our dreams were never too big.

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    my fav thing aobut my mother-in-law is her ability to help everyone–her life revolves around her kids and what she can do for them!

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    My favorite thing about my mother is that she ALWAYS makes sure I know how much she loves me. Even during the most rebellious time of my life, she poured out nothing but love and grace.

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    My favourite thing about my mom is her ability to put my needs (and my family’s needs) before hers. She’s a selfless person, and I admire that.

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    I always liked that mom knows how to keep her mouth shut and not butt in…I tend to do the opposite making it hard for my kids ๐Ÿ˜› She is a wonderful mother! (signed in as mickey louth)

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    I love how self-less my mom is, she helps me out so much and I hope to be that to my kids!


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    What I love about my Mom is that she was always so upbeat, even when we had hard times. She did everything she could to make us feel happy when I was growing up. We did not have much, but my Mom always made sure she did her best and took very good care of us.

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    my mom has had to reinvent herself several times-she has buried two husbands and doesn’t wallow-she moves on. She is a great role model.

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    I love that my mom has so much room in her heart to care about others, and she has so many daily challenges to overcome. Things have been very difficult since she had a major stroke, but I feel lucky that I have this time to bond with her, and I’m so glad that she’s still here.

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    My favorite thing about my mom was her constant love of her family and how she always, always acted with grace even in the face of pain and adversity.

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    I love my Mothers value for higher education.My Mother,was a very strong person through her battle with cancer and never did she ever complain.

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    Whenever I need her for whatever it may be, big or small, she is always there for me and I love that I know that I can always count on her

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    The favorite thing about my mom is her kindness and positivity! She is paralyzed with Multiple Sclerosis, but it never gets in the way of her happiness!

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    Sometimes she says the most bizarre things, and most of the time they’re completely irrelevant, but every so often she says something that I really needed to hear…something that will lift my spirits, or make me feel invincible, or just make me happy.

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    My favorite thing about my Mom is seeing her as a Grandma to my kids. She is so sweet and loving….I love seeing her through my kids eyes.

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    Accidentally replied under my husband’s Google account. My mom knows something about everything and is willing to share and teach those things.

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    Her unconditional love.. SHe has always been there for me. Just a phone call away. She lives in Louisiana and I in Texas. She took care of me for 5 months when I was on strict bed rest with my first pregnancy. She was so homesick for her mom but she stayed with me and did everything for me. Now she has stage 4 cancer and there is nothing I can do for her except PRAY. And I am doing plenty of that. My mom is the most beautiful person and she doesn’t deserve this but the Good Lord knows what He is doing even though we do not understand.

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    My mom was truely my best friend! She was always there for me no matter what, and she was the best listener in the whole world! I miss her dearly!

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    My mom was truely my best friend!! She was always there dor me and everyone else who needed her. She loved everyone and everyone loved her. She was the best listener in the whole world, even when I just needed to rant. She stuck by me and prayed for everyday for 4 months while I was in the ICU. I know it was her prayers and love that help me get through it all. I miss her so much.

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    The legacy of God that my mom gave me. I am thankful and blessed to have lived a life knowing God and serving Jesus Christ because my mom introduced him to me before I could talk!

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    My mother passed away when I was 16 years old. I am blessed to be available for my children in their adult years. I think my mom would like how her grandchildren and great grandchildren have turned out. I think they’re great people.

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    My mama didn’t give birth to me but I am the child of her heart. I never doubted for one second that she was my mama and I was her little girl even though I was 5 when she became my mama. She taught me how to be a wife, a mama, a mama-in-law, and a grandmama, and a whole lot more. She loves Jesus and she passed that on to me and I’ve been able to pass that on to my children and grandchildren as well.

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    My mom is the heart of our family. She loves Jesus and that shines through in the way that she treats everyone. She always put others first!

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    My mother-in-law is fantastic in every way. When my husband and I got married I became the daughter they never had. Then when my mom died she became the only mom I had and that made her extra special.

    storybookfelts at gmail dot com

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    My favorite thing about my Mom is that she’s always there for her family! Also the love of cooking and baking!

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    My mom has always been really easy to talk to. It is one of the many things I love about her. I don’t think I could have gotten through my teenage years without that great bond and open communication with her.

    Allison Lancaster

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    My mom has always been there for me, no matter what. She selfishly gave up her time to support me in every endeavor I participated in!

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    Even grown with 3 kids of my own, I still call her almost daily for help or advice. She is always willing to listen and help me when I need it.

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    I think my favorite thing about my mom has been seeing her as a grandma. My kids absolutely adore her and she is so good with my kids, which I appreciate more than she will ever know. She’s pretty much just an amazing woman in all aspects :)

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    I think my favorite thing about my mom has been seeing her as a grandma. My kids absolutely adore her and think she is amazing (which she is!). I also love her sense of style, both in wardrobe and in home decor. She has better style than me and her home looks like its straight out of pinterest. :) I basically just love my mom!

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    My favorite thing about my mom is she is a great person. She taught us to be supportive siblings, loving spouses, giving friends and children who care for their parents. She’s a fantastic grandmother to my adorable little niece, another role she’s teaching us how to fill through her example.

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    My mom is always here for me no matter what. She is also an awesome grandma and is so great with my kids! I’m so thankful she watches them while my husband and I work. She’s the best mom ever!!!! :)

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    My mom taught me how to cook…not in a formal way, but by just letting me hang out in the kitchen with her all the time. Little by little, she handed jobs over to me that became mine alone. It made me very proud. Only later did I learn that those were the tasks that were her least favorite, like frosting cakes and making hors d’oeuvres! :)

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    Awesome giveaway! Unfortunately I lost my mom 10 years ago to cancer. She was an amazing mother who had compassion for everyone she encountered.

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    Even though she has been gone for almost 16 years, I love how she put her husband & kids first before anything else. She loved being a Mom to us 7 kids and it is always a constant thought in my head.

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    My mom is her own person; she never lets pubic opinion or haters influence her decisions or her life and I have always admired that.

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    My mom, she always there for me, no matter what. My dad gave her and I up, decided he didn’t want kids, and I’ve seen her struggle. She deserves so much in life.

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    I love my mother in law, she has been there for me repeatedly though my tough times over the last 10 years, I hope that I can help her through her current transistion

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    My mom likes a lot of the same things I do, like reading, watching movies, shopping, antique stores, yummy food, and of course our kids- her grandkids!

    -Hannah Avery

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    My mom is such a good listener. My entire life I always felt like what I had to say was important to her and she really cared. I am not anywhere near as good at that as she is.

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    She is ALWAYS interested in what I’m doing and feeling. Even when I was a boy-crazy teen, she was always there to talk to. I never felt judged. Love that. I want to do that for my daughter.

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    My favorite thing about my mom is her faith, and the fact that she lives it out every day and serves as a great role model for all of her kids. Thank you!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

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    No matter what decision I ever made,whether it was a good one or bad one,my mom was always supportive and always there for me when my wrong decisions backfired and when my good decisions proved to be fruitful. I love my mom for being one of the very few people in my life who’s never judged me and I love her because she helped me to be the mother I am proud of being today.

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    My mom is selfLESS, always loving on others and making sure family and friends and new friends are okay and taken care of. My kids are her best friends, she is our best friend!

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    My mom is strong, a hard worker, so caring and always giving, makes some delicious southern food, is wise and fun to be around. She’s my best friend :)

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    My mother always loved birds, and she passed that love on to me. She and I shared many happy times just watching the birdfeeders or spotting birds from the car. To this day, one of my greatest pleasures is enjoying the beautiful birds around me, and I always think of her especially when I see a cardinal, her favorite.


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