2012 Fan Favorite Recipe #4

Well, Zachary and I are officially into our third year of marriage! He surprised me with a trip to Vail, CO where we stayed in the cutest bed and breakfast that you ever did see.

{Sorry for the crappy picture, but thank goodness for phones that can take them!} We about froze our bums off walking around that place and umm…have any of you ever been there?? Talk about high class! Let’s just say that we felt a little out of place with our clothes that were bought from Ross and Target and the fact that we drove a Honda Accord instead of a Mercedes. Regardless, we still had the time of our lives! I didn’t think last year’s anniversary trip to San Fran could be topped, but this trip came pretty dang close. Now it’s off to Utah for some much needed time with family and friends.
In the meantime, let’s take a look at the number four fan favorite recipe {say that ten times fast} of 2012. If you missed numbers five and six, be sure to check them out here and here. The number four favorite is…drum roll please…our Sweet Corn Bread!
I’ve made this cornbread a number of times – for dinner, for get togethers, for my husband’s chili cook-off at work – and each time, there’s been at least one person that has gone on and on about how good it is. It does not disappoint! It’s super easy to make too. You’re sure to love it!


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    You two are too cute! I loved this post. The cornbread looks so yummy!!

    Rather than go back and find the amazing recipe for the cherry-in-the-middle, chocolate topped cookies, (because I am just too lazy tonight!) I thought I would tell you here that was the recipe that brought me to your blog. I am a sucker for cherries and chocolate and this recipe did not disappoint! It was the only new addition to my Christmas cookies this year and I can easily say that it was hands down the family favorite; there are 5 of us here!

    Thanks for your blog and recipes. Looking forward to more!

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