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About the Blog

High Heels & Grills began December 31st, 2010.  Granted, the idea for the blog came about much later, but our interest in, and passion for making delicious food began on that New Years Eve.  At the time, we were veterans of marriage with 3 days of matrimony under our belt.  Between walking the snowy downtown streets of Salt Lake City and doing things that most couples do on their honeymoon, we decided on a whim to make a nice meal.  What were we to make?

Growing up, I (Zach) looked forward to the days I could go to my best friend's house.  Now, I'm sure I enjoyed going over there to play video games, shoot pellet guns in the backyard, or jumping on the trampoline; however, one HUGE reason I enjoyed going over was for the food.  My best friend's mom made the greatest dinners!  I looked forward to the words, "Zach, would you like to stay for dinner?"  My favorite meal of hers, one in which I would salivate over for years until I figured out how to make it myself, was Chicken a la King.

In essence, Chicken a la King is toast topped with a chicken/cherry-pepper gravy stuff.  Yeah, I know, that's a terrible description, but the bottom-line is this: it's delicious, homey, and awesome.

So, back to New Years Day - Sarah and I wanted to make a nice meal.  I thought, why not tackle Chicken a la King?  So, we got down to it.  We looked up a couple different recipes, found one easy enough, yet delicious-looking enough to try.  A culinary passion was born!

For the next year and a half, Sarah and I tried (and in many instances, failed) to create a variety of recipes that our family could enjoy for years to come.  This was a challenge because neither of us had any formal knowledge beyond high school home economics.  In fact, in college I decided to break from the usual choices of eating-out, making ramen, or my favorite: whipping up some gourmet cereal and milk, to make a steak.  Using my vast storage of skills learned from watching the Food Network, I thought, I'll marinate it, sear it, finish it off in the oven. It'll be so good, I won't even need steak sauce!

I'm pretty sure most of it ended up in the garbage.  Though I had good intentions, my execution was flawed.  Really, that's where this blog comes in.  Sarah and I want to be well-versed in the culinary arts!  Let's be honest though, we are just regular people too busy to get any more food training than we already have.  In spite of that, is there a better place to learn than in the freedom (emphasis on free) and the low judgment environment that is the home?

High Heels & Grills is our attempt to discover and even create our fantastic food favorites and share them with you.  Sarah (The High Heels part of this blog) will be the main culprit of our adventures, but occasionally, you'll hear me (The Grill part) chime-in and share my successes and failures for your benefit or, in the very least, enjoyment.


  1. Zachary and Sarah, Thank you so much for creating this blog! I grew up with a mom who cooked wonderful meals, a younger sister who loved being in the kitchen, and a small kitchen...so I usually just stayed out of the way and didn't learn much. My husband grew up on frozen "tv dinners" and fast food. When we married in 2010 I had to find ways to satisfy his need to eat and my love for good tasting, quality food. At the beginning I tried several of my favorite recipes only to find out they weren't to his liking. I was a discouraged wife who knew home-cooked meals were healthier and more economic than going out, but wasn't really sure what to do. So, I found a few "staple" meals I could whip up that suited us both. Until recently I have stuck to these same meals. I personally have been getting very bored with fixing and eating the same 15-20 meals. I have recently been branching out, searching for new recipes to try on my hubby. I have already seen several on your blog that I think he would actually enjoy (he sees eating as something he "has to do" and rarely "enjoys" the amazing flavors God has created for our taste buds to enjoy). I can't wait to try some of your recipes! Thanks again for creating this blog!

  2. This is the cutest blog! I just read your "special guest entry" on the Chef in Training page and thought I'd stop by. A couple of entries later and I was subscribing to receive H2 emails. Like so many other commenters I enjoy how you each participate in the blogging and I like your overall family-centered vibe (for lack of a better word). Thanks for sharing!


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