Christmas Vacation!

So, I know most of you stand next to your computer on Mondays and refresh your screen every 30 seconds in anticipation of the Man Monday post… So, to you, I apologize for what I’m about to say. *Deep breath* I’m taking a Christmas vacation. Not a literal vacation, in fact I’m working Christmas Eve and the day after Christmas, and need to be ‘available’ for Christmas Day. So the literal vacation comes later. However, for the reasons stated above (for those of you who didn’t catch on, life is BUSY), I will be taking a short break from Man Monday so I can devote my full energies to being a responsible adult.

I know, I know, I’ve just ruined your day. Believe me, it wasn’t easy coming to this decision. After all, who really likes quitting doing something they enjoy in order to do the mundane responsible stuff… nobody… except robots.

So, to all of my vast gathering of fans *cough* I’ll see you again… in the New Year.



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